Bus and Coach Finance

An easier route to bus and coach leasing or finance

At Anglo Scottish, we have been helping  operators with coach and bus finance for new and used vehicles for more years than we care to remember!

We have extensive coach finance experience and market knowledge, developed over many years, and can assist you with your purchase though the entire process.

Whether you are a small family-run business or a national transportation company, we can offer coach and bus finance solutions to fully meet your requirements. We can accommodate business from new start-ups to long established operators. Whatever your requirements – whether you need to finance a coach fleet or simply fund a small bus – we can help you acquire the vehicle, and organise the coach leasing or funding.

What are your coach and bus finance options?

As experienced coach and bus finance providers, we understand that having the opportunity to choose your method of asset finance and your repayment options is vital. That’s why we provide several coach and bus finance options that can be adjusted to work with your requirements. It’s also why we provide you with the option of spreading the cost of your coach or bus over seven years if required. We’re transparent about what will be feasible for your specific business requirements, and will always share all your options with you.

coach and bus finance post fleet of coaches

Could sale and hire purchase work for your business?

One other bus and coach leasing option you may wish to consider is unlocking the cash tied up in your existing coach or bus fleet.

Sale and hire purchase enables a business to sell an owned asset, like coaches or buses, back to a finance company who in return, will release some of the value in those assets back into the cash flow of the business.

We offer commercial vehicle finance options to support you in getting value back from your assets.

The purpose of undertaking a sale and hire purchase?

• Raise additional cash for working capital
• Refinance assets subject to a current finance agreement over a longer period
• Finance owned assets as part of the security in a larger transaction

Why choose coach and bus finance?

1. It’s sustainable. Brand new buses and coaches for your growing business funded in a more cost effective way, with manageable repayments that do not put a strain on cashflow.

2. It’s flexible. Need seasonal payment options to fit with annual peaks and troughs in revenue? Or the option of a balloon payment at the end of your contract? Would you rather the option to defer VAT to boost cashflow? All of this can be arranged, as we know that a flexible bus or coach finance solution is key.

3. It adds value. A flexible coach finance option means that you’re free to add new transportation vehicles to your fleet, have the capacity to add more customers to your books, and accelerate your business development plan.

In addition to coach and bus leasing, we can help you unlock the cash tied up in your vehicles with our portfolio of asset finance solutions. Whether you require an updated fleet of coaches or would like to recoup the value of existing assets with a sale and hire purchase back solution, we can provide you with the tools to manage and maintain a bus and coach finance solution that fits your purpose.

Want to find out more about your bus and coach finance options? Get in touch with Anglo Scottish Asset Finance today.