Commercial Mortgage and Property Finance

Whether it is investment, development or you are looking to buy a property for your business, finding the right finance solution is critical. With so much to think about, finding the right funder can be extremely time consuming at a time when the market is moving quickly.


This can be a long-term project or a short-term profit opportunity, in either the commercial or the residential sector.


  • Up to 25 years – Residential
  • Up to 15 years – Commercial


Funders normally look to collaborate with experienced developers with a strong record of accomplishment and good knowledge of the market, reducing their risks. However, there are many innovative funding solutions to help developers achieve their goals.

Commercial Mortgages

For investment purposes or owner-occupiers, commercial mortgages can be used either for new purchases or for refinance of existing premises.

New Purchases

Typically up to 70-75% LTV although certain sectors such as healthcare, professions, and education can attract up to 100% LTV.

Bridging Finance

Bridging finance is used when there is a need to bridge the gap whilst longer-term financing can be secured.

Funders often provide a fast, flexible and, transparent short term finance that will support them all the way through to securing long-term finance. It is often used to release equity from an existing property, to purchase a property as if a cash buyer, or to seize on an opportunity where a deal needs to be completed very quickly.