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What is contract hire?

Also known as car leasing, contract hire is a form of finance agreement whereby the customer hires the use of vehicles in return for regular payments.

The most popular type of vehicle leasing is contract hire, which is a form of operating lease. This allows the customer to hire a car or van for a set period of time and pre-determined mileage at fixed monthly rentals.

With contract hire and leasing, there is no option to purchase the vehicle and at the end of the agreement it is returned to the leasing company. However, there may be an option for the driver to acquire the vehicle at market value.

Ownership remains with the leasing company, as does all the administration, vehicle tax, insurance and maintenance. Contract hire typically ranges from 24-60 months, although short-term car finance can be arranged.

Fixed costs

Business contract hire agreements provides customers with a known, fixed cost to motoring, which helps improve cash flow as there is just one monthly payment to budget for. Additionally, for small to medium sized businesses, freeing up company capital that might otherwise have been spent on cars or vans is a big benefit. Also, vehicles are a depreciating asset that can prove expensive to run with little to no hope of return on investment.

Regular replacement

One of the benefits of contract hire is the added advantage of regular replacement schedules, which can give a positive brand image to the customer’s business and help keep employees happy. If you are a VAT-registered business, the benefits of contract hire are even greater, as you can claim back 50% of the VAT paid on the finance element and 100% of the VAT on maintenance.

If you’re looking for car leasing with maintenance included, we can help. Adding a vehicle servicing contract to the agreement eliminates the stress and responsibility of vehicle maintenance. In addition, agreements can include access to courtesy vehicles, ensuring that your workforce is always mobile. These services can be included in the contract or paid for as and when needed.

What are the benefits of contract hire?

• Fixed-cost motoring
• Frees up capital
• Steady cash flow
• 100% of VAT reclaimable where vehicle only used for business
• 50% of VAT claimable if private use allowed
• Rentals treated as an expense item
• Additional line of finance that may not affect banking arrangements
• Eliminates most of the stresses/financial risks of vehicle ownership
• Off balance sheet

Is a contract hire agreement right for your business?

If owning vehicles outright is not going to benefit your business, contract hire may be the vehicle leasing route that works for you. Anglo Scottish Asset Finance offers a wide range of business car finance options and will work with you to find the right fit for your company. Whether you are already familiar with car and van leasing, or want to try this for the first time, we are on hand to help.

Contact the team at Anglo Scottish Asset Finance for further support with your requirements. Alternatively, take a look at other asset finance options that may benefit your business.

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