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Commercial Finance Solutions Designed For Your Business

Our range of business finance solutions go far beyond just asset finance. Whatever the reason for needing additional funds, we can find the right option for your business at highly competitive rates.

Wide Range of Solutions

We offer commercial funding solutions that cover every type of business need. Our access to providers of both traditional and alternative sources of finance is second to none.

Decades of Experience

Our specialist team has over 60 years’ experience in creating bespoke commercial funding solutions for clients of all sizes and across all sectors.

Open and Honest Approach

Unlike other providers, we don’t charge up-front fees for our services. We ensure that our solutions are immediately beneficial but also sustainable for your business.

Why Restrict Your Commercial Finance Options?

The world of commercial finance has changed beyond all recognition in recent years, with traditional banks and lenders being joined by a variety of alternative players who offer different and often more flexible solutions.

Speak to your bank about commercial finance and you’ll be restricted to its product suite and lending policy. Anglo Scottish has access to dozens of providers, each with their own specialisms and lending criteria – this means our clients increase their ability to secure the required funds and have access to the best rates available.

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Commercial Finance Solutions

Commercial Lending

Whether you’re running an existing business and hoping to expand or refinance existing debt, looking to purchase a business, or have plans for a start-up, we have access to the most competitive loan rates on the market.

Invoice Finance

Prevent cash flow issues by raising finance against your debtor book – access up to 90% of the value of your unpaid invoices with the option to protect against bad debt. Choose whether to retain responsibility for debt collection with Confidential Invoice Discounting or outsource the whole process with Factoring.

FX Transactions

Providing spot conversions and forward contracts to minimise exchange rate fluctuation risks. Working with specialists, we have access to alternative solutions to banks and traditional bureaus de change for clients seeking competitive exchange rates.

Property Finance

We help secure commercial mortgages to cover new purchases, property extensions or refinancing, as well as residential and commercial investment. Interest only and fixed or variable rates are among the many options available.

Cashflow Funding

Whether your business is seasonal in nature, or you have periods with larger amounts of expense or lower income, cashflow loans can help to balance out peaks and troughs in commercial liquidity.

R&D Tax Claims

R&D relief can improve cashflow and free up funds which can be reinvested to purchase assets or supporting a company’s growth strategy. Working with experts, we can help identify if your business is missing out on any potential tax credits.

Bridging Finance

Bridging loans provide rapid access to funds, allowing clients to take advantage of urgent business opportunities and cover pressing debt liabilities. Get access to facilities in as little as 48 hours.

Trade Finance

Trade finance helps importers, exporters and wholesalers by providing finance based on customers’ confirmed purchases, meaning orders can be fulfilled rapidly, without being left short of available cash.

Business Insurance

Protect your business, employees and assets and ensure you are getting the best deal in the process via our sector specialists. With a wide range of business insurance products, and insurers with differing underwriting criteria, we have a full range of solutions.

Why Anglo Scottish?

  • We offer a genuine partnership with our clients to understand your unique business needs
  • Our expertise across commercial and asset finance gives the you widest possible choice of solutions
  • We don’t charge up-front fees for advice or consultation – if you don’t go ahead with a finance solution you pay nothing
  • We’ll never promote a finance product that isn’t the best possible match for your requirements
  • Our commercial finance solutions include both traditional lenders and alternative funding sources, maximising the potential to place business
  • With over 60 years’ experience, our team knows the challenges that businesses face and how to create the right funding solutions for them
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