In 2014, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) took responsibility of Consumer Credit activities from the Office of Fair Trading and new rules and regulations were imposed.

All parties wishing to continue to trade in the consumer credit market were required to apply for authorisation under the FCA, with businesses having the choice of direct authorisation or becoming an Agent of a Principal business such as Anglo Scottish.

As an appointed agent of Anglo Scottish you don’t need to have authority from the FCA. As a fully authorised firm we accept full responsibility for your conduct and compliance as you are acting on our behalf, using our branding and following our processes.

In addition to access to the UK’s leading panel of funders, we also offer all our agents:

  • Dedicated support of administration teams
  • State of the art proposal & payout systems
  • Marketing support
  • No upfront costs or monthly charges


Why would I give a percentage of my earnings to another firm?

Rates – You have access to rates that have been negotiated on a £150 Million annual volume.

Additional funding lines – We have access to funders that would otherwise not be available to you including own book and joint ventures that can go head to head with direct lenders and dealer subsidised finance.

That extra deal – The ability to write one additional deal per month that would have been lost or that you may have walked away from will often more than cover the cost – Allowing you to make additional income on your core business. You will also be passed referrals in your area from time to time.

What other finance products will I have access too?

  • Variable Rates over bank base as well as FHBR
  • Contract hire
  • Operating Lease
  • Personal contract hire
  • Vehicle supply
  • No document fee products

What do our current Agents say?

Garry Fyfe  I have worked for Hitachi and Bank of Scotland and more recently, I worked as an agent for a competitor. Since joining Anglo Scottish I have increased my business fivefold. Due to the diverse panel of funders I have access to I am able to write business at every level. We have even sourced and supplied a fleet of Mercedes vans to a customer using manufacturer terms the company has in place.

Kelly Lilburn  Due to the support team behind me, I was able to write 29 deals, advancing over £1.2 million in March this year. As a mum of two-year-old twins and only working four days a week, this simply would not be possible working on my own or without the full support of Anglo Scottish.