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Truck & HGV Finance

Grow your haulage business with flexible lorry finance solutions

Ready to expand your operations and unlock the potential within your business? The right asset finance solution can play a vital part in your business growth. Here at Anglo Scottish, we specialise not just in helping you find the right truck finance solution, but in making that process as streamlined and hassle-free as possible. After all, your time is valuable too.

Truck leasing: challenges in the haulage sector

The haulage and transport sector is an important part of our economy and provides a vital link that so many other industries rely upon. However, increased costs and tighter margins have hit the sector and require careful planning and a sound financial strategy, so that you can access commercial truck finance to benefit your business.

At Anglo Scottish, we’ve been working with the haulage and transport sectors for many years, and have extensive experience and market knowledge in the area of truck finance. We understand the complexities of your business and the stresses that come along with it – especially when it comes to sourcing and financing HGVs in a cost-effective way. We also understand that organising truck finance can be a time consuming process that pulls you away from the management of your business.

This is where we can help. We can help you find truck finance solutions that spread the cost of investment in new vehicles, or release working capital from your current fleet and equipment. As leading asset finance specialists, we can take on this burden for you, so that you’re free to work on your management strategy.

What are your truck finance options?

There are various truck finance options available, and the best solution when it comes to financing or leasing a new truck for business will always depend on the objectives of your business. That’s why our approach to providing you with truck finance is adapted specifically to your requirements, whether you’re in the process of gaining new customers or looking to obtain a specialised articulated lorry.

We’re here to explain all your asset finance options – which may include:

We’ll help you identify the most appropriate route to acquire new commercial trucks and HGVs or unlock the value of existing ones.

Our haulage finance specialists can advise you on a range of cash flow and dynamic truck finance solutions that help you get the best from your business.

Our aim will always be to provide your business with a truck finance solution that is cost effective and helps your haulage business reach its full potential.

Looking for a smart cash flow injection?

Sale and leaseback could be the answer

One option you may wish to consider is unlocking the cash tied up in your existing haulage fleet.

Sale and leaseback enables a business to sell an owned asset, like its heavy commercial fleet, back to a finance company – who in return will release some of the value in those assets back into the cash flow of the business. We offer finance options to support you in getting value back from your assets.

The purpose of undertaking a sale and leaseback can be for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Raising additional cash for working capital
  • Refinancing assets subject to a current finance agreement over a longer period
  • Replacing old assets with new
  • Finance owned assets as part of the security in a larger transaction

We can help you unlock the cash tied up in your vehicles with our portfolio of asset finance solutions.

Discover a smarter route to truck finance with our team of asset finance experts. Get in touch with Anglo Scottish Finance today to understand your finance options and help your business grow.