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Soft Asset Finance

Funding ‘soft’ assets the simple way

Having the right ‘soft’ assets can be essential for the success of any business as they typically form the fabric of the business. But finding a suitable soft asset finance solution to acquire them may not be as straightforward as it once was.

What are ‘soft assets’?

‘Soft’ assets are typically essential to the successful running of any of business, but are those generally differentiated from ‘hard’ assets such as plant and machinery, vehicles and commercial property.

‘Soft’ assets can typically include the following:

IT hardware

IT hardware develops at a rapid rate and it is vitally important for businesses to have the very latest equipment to be able to compete effectively. At the same time, replacing older hardware is essential to avoid obsolescence and falling behind the competition. ‘Soft’ asset finance can provide you with up-to-date IT equipment in a more strategic way.


It goes without saying that, if you have the latest hardware, you should also have the latest software to go with it, as it can form the backbone of any business. Businesses are continually at the mercy of software updates, and these can be expensive to replace. To help spread the cost of  this software, rather than paying outright, the addition ‘soft’ asset finance could be very useful.

Security equipment

Security equipment is important for any business which is prone to theft, especially those in the retail sector. An investment in security equipment could save businesses substantial amounts of time and money in deterring criminals.

Furniture and fittings

Most employees will agree it’s impossible to run many businesses without suitable office furniture and fittings. There may also be occasions when these need replacing; from growing the business to re-designing the work space, and they are important for maintaining employee morale and even impressing clients.

What other ‘soft’ assets are there?

While those ‘soft’ assets outlined above, are amongst the most commonplace, this is by no means an exhaustive list. Here are some further examples of ‘soft’ assets that we can provide finance for:

• Reprographics/Printing
• Telecoms
• Catering Equipment
• CCTV/Security
• Gym & Leisure Equipment
• Garage Equipment
• Epos Equipment
• Vending
• Recycling Equipment
• Medical Equipment
• Audio Visual Equipment

How can they be financed?

For business for which cash-flow is an issue or where there is a desire to spread the cost of acquiring assets over time, we can provide asset finance to cover the cost of acquiring the required ‘soft’ assets.

With only a small payment upfront and easy-to-manage payments on a regular basis, ‘soft’ asset finance can be a simple, cash-flow friendly solution that ensures a business has the vital tools for the job that it needs.

There are various forms of finance agreements available; the best solution will depend on the individual objectives of the business.

Our aim will always be to provide the business with an asset finance solution that is most cost effective in meeting its needs and thus helping it reach its full potential.

By using asset finance in this way to acquire ‘soft’ assets, the business can benefit from protecting its cash-flow while taking advantage of spreading the cost of expenditure over a longer period of time.

What are the benefits of using asset finance for ‘soft’ assets?

1. It’s sustainable. Used in this way, asset finance can provide a regular payment plan that minimises impact on working capital and cash flow.

2. It’s flexible. Asset finance covers a broad spectrum of financing options that can be chosen according to a business’s particular requirements.

3. It adds value. The cost of acquiring ‘soft’ assets outright may put an impossible strain on the company’s resources, affecting its efficiency. However, new assets obtained via finance provide the necessary equipment when you need it without bankrupting the business.

Rely on Anglo Scottish for ‘Soft’ Asset Finance Solutions

With years of experience supporting businesses across the UK, Anglo Scottish Asset Finance provides a dedicated asset finance service to all its customers, whatever sector they specialise in.

When it comes to arranging finance to fund the acquisition of ‘soft’ assets, the team at Anglo Scottish can offer the expertise, experience and support necessary to organise, set up and manage any agreement.

Our business finance managers have years of experience, enabling them to make the right recommendations and you to get the most from your business finance solution.
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