medical equipment finance

Medical Equipment Finance

Helping you keep up with technological advances in the healthcare industry

Health professionals from varying backgrounds – private practices, government bodies, charities, and care homes – are under constant pressure to improve their healthcare equipment while remaining in budget.

Leasing or financing medical equipment is becoming an increasingly popular way of funding vital healthcare equipment and technology for organisations of all sizes. With medical equipment financing, you’re able to break down the cost of up-to-date equipment into manageable monthly payments. With a flexible finance plan, your healthcare organisation can prosper, keeping up with technological advances and minimising any strain on cashflow.

Get in touch with our team of asset finance experts for a healthcare equipment finance plan that works for your organisation.

Healthcare equipment finance tailored to your business

At Anglo Scottish, we know that you cannot settle for inferior medical equipment. Nor can you simply coast along with outdated technology that will leave your competitors gaining ground on your organisation. With medical equipment leasing, you won’t have to hand over a large lump sum (unlike buying outright) and your cashflow won’t have to take the strain.

Instead, our team of asset finance experts are here to help you build a medical equipment finance plan that helps you access vital equipment while spreading the cost. Not only will this reduce risk for your organisation, it will also help your staff to continue working to a high standard, while you get back to managing your business’s growth, freeing up capital and re-investing where required.

What healthcare equipment could you finance?

• Safe patient lifting equipment
• Specialist hospital beds
• IT equipment
• Defibrillators
• Ultrasound machines
• Surgical equipment
• Anaesthetic equipment
• Lab equipment
• Treatment tables
• Ventilators

Can’t find the medical equipment your company requires in the list above? Get in touch. We can tailor make a healthcare equipment financing plan that fits with your requirements.

Why choose medical equipment financing?

  • It’s sustainable. A medical equipment finance plan will help you manage your budget more effectively, spreading the cost of new equipment over the term of your contract.
  • It’s flexible. Our team of asset finance experts can tailor your payment schedule to fit your business requirements, and provide you with a finance solution that works for you (whether that’s re-financing, finance lease, hire purchase or otherwise).
  • It adds value to your organisation. Staying ahead of the curve in the healthcare industry will give your organisation the resources necessary to provide high quality care for your patients.

Whatever medical equipment you would like to finance, we can build a medical equipment finance solution to fit your requirements. Learn more about the asset finance options available to your organisation and get in touch today.