Horsebox Finance

Equestrian finance solutions that keep your cash moving

At Anglo Scottish, we work with a range of carefully selected rural credit providers who specialise in horsebox finance deals and have extensive experience and market knowledge in this area.

Anglo Scottish Asset Finance is dedicated to finding you and your business the very best solutions to suit all your finance requirements. And the equestrian market is no different.

Whether you want a 3.5 tonne horsebox on finance, or something larger with four or six stalls – our flexible horsebox financing options will support your requirements.

Services that we can provide as part of our horsebox finance options include:

• Dealer stocking planshorsebox finance
• Seasonal payments
• Re-finance of existing assets
• Flexible finance packages
• VAT deferrals
• Low rate finance
• 84-month agreements
• Variable rate
• New-start businesses
• Non-prime

What horsebox finance options are available?

At Anglo Scottish, we can help determine what the best finance solutions are to meet your needs.

Whether you are buying your horsebox from a dealer or a private individual, our aim will always be to provide you with a finance solution that is most cost effective in meeting your exact requirements. And we offer flexible horsebox financing options depending on the vehicle you require as well – so you’re not limited. You can access the vehicle you need without heavily impacting on your cashflow, and without having to move a large amount of capital upfront.

What are the benefits of horsebox finance?

1. It’s sustainable. Horsebox financing can provide you with regular payment plan that minimises impact on working capital and cash flow.

2. It’s flexible. Our horsebox finance solutions cover a broad spectrum of financing options that can be chosen according to your particular requirements.

3. It adds value. The cost of acquiring an asset outright like a new horsebox is a major investment; being able to spread the cost brings a number of benefits and allows you to upgrade to a better standard of vehicle or purchase sooner than you might otherwise have been able to do.

With years of experience supporting all types of businesses across the UK, Anglo Scottish Asset Finance provides a dedicated asset finance service to all its customers, whatever sector they specialise in.

When it comes to asset finance, the team at Anglo Scottish can offer the expertise, experience and support necessary to organise, set up and manage any agreement.
As experts in corporate asset finance, we also pride ourselves on understanding any business sector, whether it’s the equestrian arena, plant and machinery, healthcare or many more.

Our asset finance managers have years of experience, enabling them to make the right recommendations and enable you to get the most from your asset finance solution.
Want to find out more about your options when it comes to horsebox financing? Get in touch with Anglo Scottish today.