LED Lighting Finance

Facilitating Cheaper, Cleaner, Greener Lighting

Many organisations, including businesses of all sizes, schools and other institutions, are waking up to the fact that latest generation LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting can provide a cheaper, instant and more environmentally-friendly way of lighting their premises.

Here at Anglo Scottish, we work with up to 10 different funders, and a number of different suppliers, to provide you with a number of attractive finance options to acquire the very latest LED lighting.

What are the benefits of LED lighting?

New generation LEDs produce three to five times more light than previous LED technology and have energy savings of up to 90% compared to conventional lighting technology.

They are now found in applications such as spot lights and tube lighting, reach full brightness almost instantly, cut down energy use and provide an instant light source – unlike fluorescent lighting that can take more than a minute to achieve maximum output.

Why does this matter?

More energy-efficient and readily available lighting equals not only considerable cost savings, but also means lower energy usage, reduced carbon footprint and minimised use of scarce resources.

Better still, LED lighting has an extended lifespan compared to conventional halogen lighting of up to 50,000 hours, some 5.7 years if left on continuously or 17 years if used for eight hours per day. This means significant savings from reduced maintenance and lamp replacement costs.

LED lighting is also 95% recyclable and reduces an organisation’s carbon output by more than 80%, and it’s environmentally friendly as it contains no mercury or polluting gases.

For organisations that want to control their lighting costs in a more environmentally friendly, corporately responsible manner AND have a positive impact on their customers. LED lighting ticks all the boxes.

What are the costs?

LED lighting is certainly more expensive in terms of up-front costs than conventional lighting, but cost savings mean that payback on the original investment can be achieved very quickly – as this real life example demonstrates.

  • The organisation in question used a total of 650 traditional halogen bulbs of various sorts to light its premises costing £8,000.
  • To use all of these bulbs for a total of 3,000 hours a year required 217,000 kilowatt hours of electricity, which equalled a lighting cost of around £21,000 per annum.
  • To replace all the conventional bulbs with LED lighting cost around £63,000, a significantly higher upfront acquisition cost.
  • However, over the same 3,000 hours of illumination, the lower energy usage of the LEDs meant they only required 57,000 kilowatt hours of electricity at a cost of just £5,500 per annum, an annual saving of more than £15,500.
  • The payback period was therefore just four years, and over the projected 15 year life-cycle of the LED lighting, total savings amounted to around £173,000.

LED lighting: Cleaner and greener

In our example, the existing halogen lighting produced carbon dioxide emissions of more than 118,000kg per annum, compared to just 31,000kg of CO2 produced by the LED lighting – a saving of more than 86,000kg of CO2 per annum.

Based on information provided by carbon offset specialists, Carbon Footprint, the average broad-leafed tree in the UK absorbs an average of 730kg of CO2 per annum in its lifetime.

Under the conventional lighting system, that would have required 162 trees to offset the CO2 produced, compared to just 43 trees required for the LED lighting system.

Best options for funding LED lighting

Rather than resort to outright purchase and a large upfront capital outlay, some form of asset finance is typically the most cost effective way of funding LED lighting.

Here at Anglo Scottish, we offer a number of finance solutions including:

Before deciding upon the most suitable finance solution, however, it is always advisable to seek independent expert advice from a proven provider of asset finance with knowledge in the LED lighting market.

Find out what LED lighting funding solutions are available to you

At Anglo Scottish, our team of finance specialists have years of experience in providing finance to a variety of organisations from different business sectors.

When it comes to LED lighting, we work with a panel of 10 specialist funders to ensure that we find our customers the most attractive and cost competitive finance packages that are available.

As experts in asset finance, we also pride ourselves on understanding the needs of any organisation be it businesses of any size, schools or other institutions where cost-effective and continuous lighting for premises is essential.

Our asset finance managers have years of experience, enabling them to make the right recommendations and enable you to get the most from your finance solution.

Want to find out more about your finance options for funding new LED lighting? Then get in touch with Anglo Scottish Asset Finance today