Green Energy Finance

Helping you reduce your carbon footprint with asset finance solutions

Viable funding for green energy projects can be hard to come by. Green energy finance gives you the opportunity to access solar panels, biomass heaters, energy-efficient lighting and more by helping you spread the cost of payments, with a purpose-built asset finance solution that works for you.

Investing in green energy finance

At Anglo Scottish, we are keen to build a green energy finance plan that works with your requirements. We are able to provide you with a finance solution that gives you access to green energy equipment, while tailoring your payment schedule to suit you.

The flexibility of a green energy finance solution means that it can be adapted to your specific investment. Whether you’re funding just one asset, or you require funding for green energy projects on a much larger scale, the team at Anglo Scottish can assist you in building a solution that works for your project.

The nature of funding green energy solutions in this way also means that the equipment itself can be used as security, making this form of financing a viable option for any project, however large or small.

How Anglo Scottish can support your energy project finance

• Biomass
• Solar power financing
• Wind turbine finance
LED lighting
• Heat pumps
• Hydro power systems

Why work with Anglo Scottish Asset Finance for green energy financing?

A sustainable solution. Investing in green energy is a long-term strategy that will save you money in the long run. It’s the initial outlay that could hold you back. That’s where asset finance can provide you with a means to access the equipment you need with manageable repayments.

A flexible plan. When establishing your project, we can build a green energy finance solution that works with your requirements, tailoring a payment schedule that fits you.

Added value. With a green energy finance plan in place you’ll soon reap the benefits of reducing energy costs, and your carbon footprint.

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Why work with an asset finance provider?

With years of experience supporting businesses across the UK, Anglo Scottish provides a dedicated service to all its customers, whatever sector they specialise in.

When it comes to asset finance solutions, our team is here to offer you the support required to organise, set up and manage your finance agreement.  As experts in corporate asset finance, we also pride ourselves on understanding your sector, whether that’s farming, renewable energy, plant and machinery or healthcare. Our specialists have years of experience, enabling us to make the right recommendations and you to get the most from your asset finance solution.

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