Business Equipment Finance

At Anglo Scottish, our flexible business equipment finance options can help you acquire new equipment as and when you need it most.

This might be to help expand the business, take advantage of a new contract or business opportunity, or to simply replace obsolete or inefficient equipment.

We provide business equipment financing to cover a wide and varied range of diverse commercial equipment – from construction machinery, agricultural equipment and catering equipment to plant and machinery and many more.

Business equipment financing provides a resource over and above a normal banking facility and, as such, is a useful additional source of funding that provides significant cash flow and tax benefits for businesses looking to finance a new piece of commercial equipment or machinery.

In recent years, commercial equipment financing has grown significantly as more and more companies have become aware of the benefits offered by this flexible, cost-effective, risk-managed form of equipment financing, and have looked to find alternative methods of funding to the traditional bank loan.

What are the benefits of business equipment financing?

New business equipment financing has grown because of its simplicity and flexibility as a funding method for capital or commercial equipment and a whole range of asset types.

The simplicity and flexibility of new business equipment financing means that it’s suitable for all types of business, from start-ups to existing businesses investing in new equipment and major companies investing in new plant and machinery.

The reason for this, other than available tax benefits and the ability to budget more easily, is that on most occasions the equipment itself can be used as security, which makes key business equipment financing a very accessible form of funding.

Seek expert advice

With large and small business equipment finance firmly on the radar of more and more companies, seeking impartial independent financial advice is vital for those businesses that want to use this form of asset finance.

Your finance broker should be able to advise you on which equipment finance product is best suited for your needs, and get involved at an early stage of the buying cycle. That way, your supplier can put in place a funding solution that is right for you.

Investing in new equipment can be a big decision for your business, and it makes good business sense to think about how best to finance your investment.

Our asset finance experts can help improve your cash flow by keeping your working capital free and offering a range of options, which can even take assets off your balance sheet.

printing equipment finance commercial finance

Business equipment finance doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect and, at Anglo Scottish, our team of finance specialists have years of experience as equipment finance lenders to a variety of businesses from different business sectors.

These include but are not limited to:

We can help your business develop, supporting you in financing new equipment, or replacing old and obsolete assets that might be holding your business back.

What are the equipment finance options available?

As equipment finance lenders, at Anglo Scottish we can help you determine the best option for your business. The main options for business equipment finance include:

Our aim will always be to provide you with an equipment finance solution that helps your business reach its full potential. We do that by providing the most cost-effective solution for your needs.

What are the benefits of business equipment finance?

      1. Sustainability. New business equipment finance provides a regular payment plan, which reduces the financial impact on both working capital and cash-flow, helping to make your business more profitable.
      2. Flexibility. Our business equipment financing solutions cover a number of options. These can be chosen to meet your business’s specific requirements in order to provide a plan that works for you.
      3. Value. The cost of acquiring outright a new piece of equipment could put a strain on the business’s resources. However, new equipment obtained via finance can provide the necessary asset when you need it without disrupting cash-flow.

With years of experience supporting businesses across the UK, Anglo Scottish Asset Finance provides a dedicated asset finance service to all its customers, whatever sector they specialise in.

When it comes to business equipment financing, the team at Anglo Scottish can offer the expertise, experience and support necessary to organise, set up and manage any agreement.

As experts in corporate asset finance, we also pride ourselves on understanding any business sector, whether it’s farming, catering, printing, healthcare or many more.

Our asset finance managers have years of experience, enabling them to make the right recommendations and enable you to get the most from your equipment finance solution.

Want to find out more about your business equipment finance options? Get in touch with Anglo Scottish Asset Finance today.